Our history

ULTRAMAR was established in 2007 as a logistics provider located in two major ports on the Baltic Sea – Riga and St. Petersburg. In 2009, the first Ultramar terminal was built in St.Petersburg for unloading mineral fertilizers from wagons into containers without storing (direct loading).

In 2010, in line with new developments and increase of volumes, it was decided to build a second fertilizer loading terminal. The second terminal was designed as a general-purpose terminal, which makes us flexible to meet the client’s needs (packaging into bags, big bags).

Currently, Ultramar is the largest shipping company providing mineral fertilizers transportation in containers.

Ultramar is continuously investing in technology development and improvement which ensures high-quality fertilizer loading and delivering our partners’ goods within the shortest possible time.

Today the third fertilizer loading terminal is being commissioned. The terminal is equipped with the latest European high-performance equipment which may be used for fertilizers blending and producing dry mixtures based on various recipes.

Every year our company is loading and delivering into ports up to 1 million tons of fertilizers.